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Discuss the questions
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1. Who is your current celebrity crush and why?
2. Have you ever had to cancel plans because "something has come up" related to a TV series or celebrity event?
3. Do you think being famous would be "an asset" or a burden in one's life? Why?
4. How important do you think celebrities are "in the grand scheme of things" in society?
5. Have you ever considered the feasibility of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry?
6. What is the most "dodgy" or questionable TV series or celebrity scandal that you can think of?
7. Have you ever been "up to your neck" in a TV series marathon? Which show was it, and why did it capture your attention so much?
8. Do you think it's appropriate to "bring up" a celebrity's personal life or controversies when discussing their work or talent? Why or why not?